Who we are

Our vision - your profitability


We are a consulting company whose main strength is to offer high-value solutions for businesses. Our goal is to help you with processes & techniques that allow you to improve your profitability.


"Accepting good advice is increasing your own performance."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Our compensation model - your guarantee


We do not collect any fees until we have generated an equivalent profit (self-financing). This is your best guarantee that our services will never be a burden but an investment that we aim to make a profitable one.


I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

Nelson Mandela


Our origin - your support 


Profit Impulse was created by our CEO and founder, Gabriel Fraga, and Gaspard Toussaint, associate and IT manager.


Gabriel has worked in the finance department of large Swiss groups such as Rolex, ABB, ST Microelectronics and finally at Deutsche Bank. The numerous projects he participated in the last 25 years have brought him great management experience and knowledge. These experiences alongside his analytical and summarising skills have allowed him to acquire an expertise which he shares with companies operating on a more human scale.


Gaspard is a self-taught developer who started with the creation of online games and internet pages in the 2000s before moving on to designing online tools, integrated ERP and mobile applications - all of these allowing for tailor-made digital transformations. What he can create is often only limited to one’s imagination. 


Both Gabriel & Gaspard have been working together since 2011 & their union is a great strength that allows them to combine the entrepreneurial vision with digital automation. Their experience and a dynamic team of 14 people with varied profiles helps meet many challenges with the sole aim of creating added value and customer satisfaction.


"It's what we think we already know that often prevents us from learning."

Gaston Bachelard


Profit Impulse
Chemin de la Verseuse 7-9
1219 Geneva - Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 732 57 69

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