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Has your company incurred any expenses in Switzerland in the last year?



We can help you recover Swiss VAT on those expenses


Foreign companies with a registered office (or with a permanent establishment abroad) who incur costs in Switzerland for an entrepreneurial activity are likely to be eligible for a refund on the tax it paid in Switzerland.


The complexity of filing such a request usually dissuades most companies from proceeding further & as a result many lose out on a potentially important source of additional income. Many businesses are also unaware that they may be entitled to such a refund. Several requirements need to be met in order to qualify and to be accepted by the Swiss authorities - these might at times seem too complex & time-consuming. 


Switzerland is home to many large international events in which firms exhibit their latest products or simply visit for business opportunities. The costs associated with the attendance of such events are usually significant - renting exhibition spaces, catering to large amounts of participating collaborators and many other various expenses.



If your company participated in one of the below listed events, it is likely you would be able to recover a significant amount of Swiss VAT: 



The most common expenses where Swiss VAT can be recovered are as follows:



What do we require from you to review your eligibility?



What will we do next ?




An important deadline must be kept in mind: the Swiss authorities only accept any claims until the 30th of June for a given refund request that took place the previous year. Requests are accepted between the 1st of January and the 30th of June, for the previous fiscal year.


Feel free to give us a call for a free analysis on whether you are eligible for VAT refunds - 10 minutes of your time is all it takes to make potentially significant savings.



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