Dynamic accounting for better navigation


Accounting should not be passive but dynamic -  it should provide you with important information in a simplified format to aid the navigation of your business and thereby to generate added value.


"There is no headwind for those who know where they are going."

Theodore Roosevelt


Profit Impulse sets up "dynamic accounting" which allows your company to track its results online in a more interactive and intuitive way. We digitise documents through a simplified layout to grant you online access to all your data (supplier invoices, salary slips, provisions) as well as personalised reports according to your preferences. 


All these functions are managed by having secure nominal accesses with different levels of rights. We can also provide your employees with their own personal access for an online consultation of monthly pay slips, salary certificates, contract of employment and more. Furthermore, if you do not currently have a system for managing schedules or monitoring employee leaves, we can also activate this module that can be specially configured according to your needs & to your structure. 


In addition to our tools and methodology, we share our expertise and come up with suggestions on how to improve your profitability. We can set up a monthly or quarterly review to comment on your results - our aim is to guide & to help you reflect on your queries in an objective manner. 

Think of us as the helmsman who steers the rudder of your business to your desired location in the most efficient way.


We believe in a tailor-made approach for each of our customers as each case is different. Our goal is to understand the needs and requirements of your business & offer you personalised advice. A confidentiality agreement would of course be set up to guarantee the confidentiality of the processing of your data.


At Profit Impulse, we don’t require any lengthy commitments from your end - our main goal is your satisfaction & if at any point you feel unsatisfied with our services, we can schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns & resolve them.


Profit Impulse
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