Hindsight: an asset for any company


Many Swiss companies find themselves busy with various daily operations & tasks.

Daily tasks are often time-consuming and must be dealt with - making it difficult to have the necessary hindsight to change the inefficient ways and methods of working that would ultimately increase overall profitability. 


In fact, this hindsight is all the more important because of how it allows you an outside vision of the set up processes and general organisation of your company. If these essential points are neglected, a loss of profit is often the undesired result. 


The implementation of this service enables you to have a constant watch on processes that need to be modified or improved. The presented model is based on the experiences of our clients in larger companies and is adapted to the challenges most Swiss companies face.



The 70 P.I. points :


We have developed a list of 70 points which apply to the majority of companies and that allows them to maximise their performance. Some points allow for small savings and others will benefit you more greatly: the extent of this will depend on your current structure and the points you have worked on in more depth.



How much does it cost?


Our compensation model is based on the success of our initiatives and will only represent a percentage of the additional earnings generated. At no time we will represent an additional charge and you pay of course only on the gains brought by our initiatives.

Our analysis is free of charge and without any commitment and we do not require any payment before you make gains equivalent to our fees. This is possible because we are convinced that our firm can bring you solutions with an interesting added value.


Pockets with holes


Our process can easily be illustrated by using the perforated pockets analogy: imagine you have teared your trouser pocket & don’t have time to repair it. The coins (& possibly notes!) that fall through this hole represent the losses you incur each year.


We act as a tailor as our task is to repair your punctured pocket & ensure the reparation is solid & does not tear again. Our techniques make this possible. 


You aren’t the only one who hasn’t had the time to repair that perforated pocket of yours. By our own experience, the great majority of companies have some points to improve which, if changed adequately, ultimately results in increased profit.

Those who have been to the tailor have no regrets & our customers are proof of this.


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